Tuesday, April 8, 2008

My kind of lawnmower

Sheep Replace Lawnmowers In Italy

by Justin Thomas, Virginia on 04. 8.08

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Police are having to double up as shepherds in Italy after local councilors decided to scrap the city lawnmowers -- and use sheep instead. About 700 sheep have now been employed by Turin officials to keep the grass verges and lawns in city parks neatly trimmed. Environment officials in Turin said they were paying 30,000 euros in gardeners’ fees to cut the grass in just one of the bigger parks.

Manager of the project, Federico Tombolato, said: "Using sheep is not only cheaper and more environmentally friendly, but we also get to sell them at the end of the process to raise more money."


But drivers faced blocked roads across the city as the sheep were moved around Turin and locals who liked to sit on the grass complained that it was now covered in sheep mess.


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