Sunday, July 13, 2008

What If Noah’s Descendant Was Commanded to Build an Ark in America Today?

Just for fun let’s say God came to Noah’s descendant, in which we will call him James, in the year 2008. James is living some where in the United States of America.

God clearly says to James, “This world has yet again become wicked and very evil. It is overpopulated and I see the end of every person before My eyes. James, as your forefather Noah built an Ark and saved two of every creature I want you to build an Ark and save 2 of every creature and if there is any Faithful men and women save them if they will come.”

God gave James the blue prints of exactly how the Ark was to be made and made certain James understood that he only had 6 months in which to build the Ark and get two of every creature onto the Ark. At the end of 6 months God will once again allow the heavens open up for 40 days and 40 nights until every mountain top is covered and every living creature including man was completely destroyed.

Finally, the last day of the 6 month period was up. God came to James and looked down and saw James sitting in his back yard lawn chair crying. However, God did not see the Ark He had commanded James to build.

God is now very upset and He roared down to James, “James, I am about to open the Heavens and pour out the rain upon the entire earth and flood it! Where is the Ark that I commanded you to build?”

Still weeping James cried out, “Lord I beg you to forgive me I was unable to do as you commanded. You see Lord things have changed here on Earth since Noah had to build an Ark.”

He went on to explain what had happened, hoping God would understand.

“First my Lord, I had to get a building permit. Also, I’ve been arguing with the inspector about installing and even the need for a sprinkler system for the Ark. Then my Lord the neighbors claimed I had violated the neighborhood zoning laws by building an Ark in my yard and exceeding the height limitations allowed in this area. Then we had to go to the Development Appeal Board for a decision.

With a few breathes he goes on, “Next the Department of Transportation demanded a huge bond be posted for all future costs for moving power lines and any other overhead obstructions, in order to clear a passageway for the Ark’s move to the sea. Now matter how hard I tried to get them to understand that the sea would be coming to the Ark they refused to hear me or believe me.”

By this time God is listening very intently at every word James is saying to Him to put. So James continues.

“I ran into more problems with the wood for the Ark. There is now a ban on cutting local timber because they want to save the spotted owls. I tried very hard to convince them that this WOULD save the owls but that was a no go!”

Exasperated James went on, “I started loading the animals two by two just as you told me to do and the animal rights group sued me. It seems they believe I am confining wild animals against their will. They also argued that the accommodations were too restrictive, and that is was of course cruel and inhumane for me to put so many animals in such a confined space.

Lord that is when the EPA rules I couldn’t build the Ark until they had conducted an environmental impact study on YOUR proposed world wide flood. In fact Lord, I am still trying to resolve the complaint with the Human Rights Commission on how many minorities I am suppose to hire for my building crew. However, then the Immigration and Naturalization people started checking the green-card status of almost all the people who actually do want to work.”

James was no longer crying by this time. In fact, the Lord could clearly hear disgust and even anger in his voice now. James went on to say,

“Oddly, the Trades Unions tells me I cannot use my own sons. They insist I have to hire only Union workers with, Get this Lord, “Ark building experience.” Where am I going to find Union workers with that kind of experience for crying out loud.

Then to make matters even worse, the IRS seized ALL my assets. They claimed I must be trying to leave the country illegally with endangered species.

So, please my Lord, forgive me for not completing the task you have set before me. I must tell you that it would literally take at the very least 10 years for me to get through all the red tape and government issues as well as all the other issues that keep popping up, until I could finish the Ark.”

Suddenly, the skies started to clear, the sun shined brightly through the clouds, and a double rainbow stretched across the sky.

James looked up into the beautiful sky and asked the Lord,

“Does this mean you are not going to destroy the Earth and all the sin filled evil people on it again?”

“NO!” said the Lord God in Heaven.

“I can clearly see the government has beat me to it.”

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