Friday, January 16, 2009

Animal Rights Agenda Explained

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From Pet Defense

Below is the link to understanding how laws are passed by animal extremists to make animal use, breeding and ownership (yes, ownership) more difficult, and more EXPENSIVE………….

The money to support the animal rights agenda comes from millions of Americans who love animals and who, without understanding how their money will actually be used, mail checks to HSUS, PeTA, and other lesser known AR organizations.

This is America: It is our right to believe whatever we want and to try to convince others of what we believe.

However the AR movement goes beyond that. The biggest thing they do is pass laws that make animal use, breeding, and ownership steadily harder and more costly. This happens in several steps.

How Animal Rightists Pass Laws

The above link is from pet-law, not Petdefense, but it is accurate and true.

Huge conglomerates that spend millions and millions in campaigns to pass ONE law use that money bascially from different sources, but MUCH of it pours in from $25 donations from pet owners who don’t know better.

Many young people (let’s say 18-20yr old) actually believe that the HSUS is helping save animals, or that HSUS is actually saving homeless cats and dogs.

Unfortunately, because HSUS shows commercials and websites and videos of cute dogs/cats, many people believe HSUS is saving such animals.


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