Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Join the Crusade Against HSUS Whitewash+Pass It Forward—->

Abridged from Pet Defense

APBT and all Bully Type Dogs, Boxers, Mastiff Owners, Dobies, Danes, Rotties, Cane Corso, any medium-large dog breeds-AND small dog owners or any dog breeders, kennels, show dog owners, dog/cat owners, trainers, pet sitters, Parents with kids who own dogs of any kind:

Please consider joining the Crusade Against HSUS.

Everyone is faced with the same losses that HSUS presents….

All of you and the public at large may or may not know about HSUS, the Humane Society of the United States….the giant conglomerate multi-state, multi-country corporate entity with tons of sub corporations, and merged corporations….the largest Animal Rights conglomerated group with all the $$$$…..

If you think the “work” HSUS does is just work for seals or whales or lambs/pigs?


Maybe you think HSUS works for the government to shut down commercial kennels which HSUS and sidekick non profit Best Friends call “mills?” Like on OPRAH?

Same OPRAH named by PETA as person of the year?

Or maybe you think HSUS “really” likes APBT dogs, but just doesn’t want them bred by anyone? If so, you are sadly mistaken.

1. HSUS doesn’t work for the government, not publicly anyway

2. HSUS isn’t about saving shelter animals or milled dogs–no matter what they claim.

3. HSUS is a non profit that must do some work with/for animals in order to maintain that 501(c)(3) status

4. HSUS has bragged “From Congress to Courthouse to Statehouse the Victories Mount” [yeah, against owners]

5. HSUS bragged it passed 86 NEW State laws in 2007 [Since when do state laws cover whales or artic seals or polar bears? They usually don't]

6. HSUS’ actual agenda is really the same as PETAs, but without the stunts (main difference) and because of that PLUS the BIG $$$$$—-HSUS can use their $$ to buy+push power. Political power.

7. HSUS KNOWS the public is fooled by their misleading ads, videos, websites, blogs, U Tube, campaigns+more–because of the purposely “sugar-sweet” covers….children, puppies, poor little calves, poor little piggies, poor little dogs in raids, poor little u-name-it, and then there is the bad owner, bad dogs campaign against all APBT dogs or dogs that resemble APBTs, or even if they don’t resemble them, but HSUS says they are one anyway—

8. HSUS is a political marketing+media organization.

That is what they do. Tell STORIES. Draft laws AGAINST pet owners, pet breeders, pet sellers, pet would-be owners, former pet owners, poor people, old people, people that they know cannot defend themselves, people with less education, people who are in poor areas, people who don’t know their rights.

9. HSUS is NOT a friend to pet owners, breeders, or pet businesses of any kind; nor to reptile or bird owners, hunters, fisherman/women, pet stores, pet retail sellers, ANYONE selling in the pet trade, regardless of what you are selling.

HSUS would like to stop the Pet Trade in its entirety because HSUS doesn’t believe animals should be owned, much less used as a food product.

HSUS only wants pet guardians, if at all, with HSUS RESTRICTIONS ON HOW TO TAKE CARE OF ANIMALS.

10. HSUS purposely makes LAWS against pets, animals and the pet trade in general. You may not know what those laws are, but they are out there. Nearly all of them usually prohibit something rather than creating change for the better.

11. HSUS wants to pass the PUPS law before Congress. That is why HSUS purposely built up the milled dog thing on OPRAH and did exposes, and hired investigators. HSUS wants to stop the breeding of dogs that people want, and dogs that people want but can’t afford, and dogs that are bred in general, regardless of what type, kind, or breed.

After reading the provisions cited above, every single owner, breeder, business person, trainer and any pet related group of any type should realize—

you should be very MAD at HSUS if YOUR RIGHTS mean anything to you.