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Wildlife Zoo Greets New Babies

March 26th, 2008 @ 12:50pm

by KTAR Web

Spring has sprung at the Wildlife World Zoo where some primates welcomed some new little ones.

Zoo officials say a ring-tailed lemur and a patas monkey gave birth in recent weeks.

While both babies are very young and will be clinging to their mothers for warmth and protection for the next several months, zoo visitors will still be able to get glimpses of them on display.

That patas are native to Africa and the ring-tailed lemur is only found on the island of Madagascar.

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Other new babies at Wildlife World Zoo

Twin Ocelots

Ring Tailed Lemurs

Spider monkey

Baby Aero leads the way in Chester Zoo’s springtime penguin parade


CHESTER Zoo’s sweetest new arrival is the first of many treats in store for the zoo keepers on Penguin Island.

The Humboldt’s Penguin chick, named Aero, hatched on Monday after being incubated for 46 days by parents Warty and Hislop.

The Zoo’s penguin keepers decided on chocolate themed names for Easter, and it is hoped Aero will be joined by up to 20 other chicks between now and the middle of April.

Aero weighs in at just 85 grams, and has a sibling that is due to hatch out any day.

Penguins usually lay a clutch of two eggs and the parents take it in turns to incubate the eggs for around 40 days.

Zoo Welcomes Newest Additions

Friday, March 28, 2008 6:27 PM

POWELL, Ohio — New additions kept zookeepers moving on Friday.
The Columbus Zoo welcomed the birth of three North American River Otters about two weeks ago, 10TV's Kurt Ludlow reported.
The litter of pups was the first batch of baby animals the zoo expects this spring.
"It's been a long time since we've had actual babies on our department," said zookeeper Scot Shelley. "We've got a lot of older animals and it's nice to see some young animals coming in."
The Columbus Zoo's Dusti Lombardi said the entire staff was excited about the delivery.
"This is our first litter that has survived here," Lombardi said. "So this is really exciting for us – and the mom is taking care of the babies. She's doing an excellent job."
Audrey, the mother otter, gave birth to two girls and a boy, Ludlow reported.
A television monitor allows guests to see the new otters that are tucked away in a den.
"The babies will come out on exhibit," Lombardi said. "When they come out they are going to be adorable."
The otters were not the only special deliveries expected this spring at the zoo, Ludlow reported.
A baby penguin recently hatched, and will be on display in about a month, zookeepers said.
Flamingos, Markor goats, Bonobos, Okapi, Palace cats and Red Pandas were expected to be born at the zoo this summer.
Until then, Lombardi and the other zookeepers had their hands full with the new otters.
"They're going to be active during the day because babies are going to be out running around," Lombardi said. "They're going to be getting into trouble … as most babies do."


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