Saturday, March 22, 2008

How to distinguish between animal rights and animal welfare.

Animal Rights activist Is more likely to:

Live in an urban area
Be a female teen or young adult (I know there are lots of granny activists and guys but they are in the minority)
Be readily influenced by what they see on a website or in an ad because they don't know any different
Be a brainless follower
Have a high disposable income
Have much free time for demonstration, letter writing campaigns etc.
Rarely, if ever, interact with animals
Make statements like, "I love pigs", when they really mean "I watched Charlotte's Web and Babe"
Be a vegetarian or vegan
Protest outside KFC
Assume animals have the same wants, needs, and reasoning skills as humans.
Less likely to be compassionate towards humans.

Animal Welfare advocate is more likely to:
Live in a rural or suburban area
Be of any age or gender
Learn from their own experiences
Know that information put out by animal rights organizations such as PETA and HSUS is mostly propaganda and lies.
Have more brain power than the average ARA
Have a lower disposable income.
Have little free time because they are busy caring for animals.
Interact with animals regularly, most likely on a daily basis.
Make statements like, "I still like pigs even though I have been bitten, trampled on, squashed and peed on by them numerous times"
Eat meat
Eat in McDonald's because KFC is too expensive.
Know that animals are animals and that they do not have rights.
More likely to be compassionate towards humans.


Animal welfare advocates care about animals.
Animal Rights activists care about denying other people their liberty.

A few facts:
HSUS is the wealthiest AR group on the planet. It spends $2million a year on travel expense alone keeping its multi national agenda going.

If animals rights activists have their way all these things will become distant memory:

Lab Testing, Aquariums, Bullfighting, Circuses, Equestrian competition, Fishing, Greyhound racing, Horse racing, Horse-drawn carriages, Hunting, Magic shows using animals, Movies with animal actors, Pet ownership, Ranching, Rodeos, Whaling, and Zoos among other things are all in danger.

Zoocheck and WSPCA

Both these organizations claim to be animal welfare groups working for the benefit of animals. Read their information carefully, look at the way the information is presented, and look at the way they beg for donations, then decide for yourself.

In my opinion they are animal rights groups.


albertaboy said...

Good post, I like it

Devon McDonald said...

You also forget to mention that animal rights extremists seem for the most part, to be crazy. Many suffer all sorts of mental health issues.

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