Sunday, April 20, 2008

Winter Returns

Once again winter has returned to the Canadian prairies. It's cold and windy, the snow is nearly knee deep and it's not very conducive to leaving ones armchair.

I would like to bet that every livestock farmer and zookeeper in the province of Alberta has braved the weather to check on their stock, feed and water them and take expectant mothers into the calving shed for a warm place to have their babies.

I'd also like to bet that not a single ARA has ventured away from computer or TV. No protests this weekend. Poor Devon and Tove will be deprived of their protesting. Oh dear what a shame. Maybe they'll be down to Guzoo next week before the place gets a chance to dry out so that they can complain about how the animals are walking around in mud.


albertaboy said...

You go girl, let the animal rights extremists have it.

Anonymous said...

That was a good post. Keep it up please.