Saturday, May 3, 2008

Two common misconceptions about AR groups

Zoocheck will do it for you.

The people at WSPA, Zoocheck, V4A. Peta and other animal rights groups are all trained professionals. So they must know what they're talking about.

If only!!!!

Few, if any, of these people are trained in zoology, or have lived and worked with animals for extended periods. They are mostly urbanites with too much money and even more free time who have nothing better to do than harass law abiding animal owners.

Far from caring for animals they spend their time lobbying politicians, demonstrating against animal "cruelty" and generally trying to persuade the public that they are important knowledgeable people who should be listened to. Even if these people own a pet of their own, I doubt they get to spend much time with it.

Although large organisations like peta do employ some qualified staff, these people are motivated more by money and drive for power than by the ethics of their profession.
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Even if they're not professionals, the people at Zoocheck, WSPA, V4A and peta care about animals and have the their best interests at heart.

These people don't give two hoots about animals.

They care about money (mostly getting other people's into their pockets as quickly as possible), self promotion, power, control, and intimidating others into compliance with their bizzare ideology.
They mostly attach themselves to one idea, (zoos are cruel, for example), from which they cannot be shaken in spite of mountains of opposing evidence.

These organisations have no desire to help zoos improve their facilities or help individual animals. It is not in their mandate to give financial donations or to volunteer their time. They do not even give helpful advice or encouragement. It's difficult to advise when you don't know anything. All these people know how to do is criticise. Their sole aim is to harass zoo owners to the point where they give up and go out of business. No matter how much zoos strive to meet their demands they will never succeed because these self proclaimed experts will continue to set the bar higher and higher. Not until every zoo in the world is closed will they be happy. Then when all the zoos are gone (heaven forbid that it will ever happen) they'll start on the animal sanctuaries.

I wouldn't trust these people to walk my dog, let alone run a zoo.

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